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For art enthusiasts and avid readers from 20-30 who struggle to discover and collect creative content through fragmented online browsing, our product is a new digital magazine aggregator that provides a guide via highly curated content that captures the trend and aesthetic.





UX Designer,

8 weeks

Spring 2023


“Trust us, and we will be your guide for inspiration."

Art Magazine


We aim to bring magazines back to young people's lives and to revive and surpass old versions with fresh inspirations.


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Unnati Bose

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Marlow starling

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Dhruv Karan

Consultant | 26

Environment Journalist | 23

Data Scientist | 29

“Lately, I find myself going to substack for poetry and commentary on culture and what is happening in the world. I do think it’s a bubble - I can see my fav author’s reads. Similarly on Twitter.”

“Magazine writing is some of my favorite to read because it's narrative (storytelling), it's lyrical (fun to read), and it's the type of reporting that transports you to another time and place.”

“Look, I already have current sources, so if you give me something new I will over-index on that. But the mainstream channels are already available”

UX Artifacts about

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  • Users visit the platform and click on the register button. 

  • Then they enter their credentials (username/email and password) and click on the log-in button.

  • During the process, users are prompted to select their favored categories and magazines of interest. After entering their information and making their selections, users are automatically logged in and redirected to the main/discover page.

User Log-in

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Home Page

  • Users land on the main page of the platform. 

  • They read through the introduction of the Renaissance, which captures their attention and provides an overview of the platform's theme and purpose. 

  • Then they click on “get started” and are redirected to the search page.

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Search Page

  • Users click on “Get Started” and are redirected to the search page.

  • They see different categories for browsing and discover the recommendations based on emotions. 

  • Users can click on different content based on certain emotions, such as "melancholic plays," “melancholic poetry,” or “melancholic songs.” 

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  • Users on the Home page and scroll down

  • They encounter a visually appealing layout that showcases more information related to the Renaissance. 

  • In the Discover section, users are presented with a curated selection of multimedia pieces of content, such as articles, images, videos, and more. 

  • On the left side, they see a section called “weekly curated magazine.”

Discover/Home Page

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Sample Content Page

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